LED Area Lights
SQ-series, LQ-series and LG-series for Machine Vision Applications  - IIM AG MEASUREMENT + ENGINEERING


LED Area Lights for Machine Vision Applications SQ-series, LQ-series and LG-series LUMIMAX® LED Area Lights can be either used as an incident or a transmitted illumination. Depending on the diffusor it produces a homogeneous or a directed light to highlight characteristic features of the test objects. Its structure allows any kind of arrangement around the test object. Large sized LED Area Lights can be used for illumination of along distant object. The High Power Flood Lights of the LQ serie have extremely bright LEDs. This guarantees an excellent illumination even for a working distance of several metres. The LG-light series were especially designed for transmitted light operations with large objects or for very homogeneous incident light applications.

Machine vision system
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Product features

Illumination colour White, Red, Infrared, Blue, Green, UV
Operation mode Continuous/ switching or Flash
Protection class IP40 or IP67
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