LED bollard light Belina including motion detector  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9988070 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Special Offer Simple LED bollard light Belina made from stainless steel with an integrated motion detector If a bollard light is as simple as Belina, it can be used universally straightaway. It has a very modern appearance, but can also be perfectly combined with other environments which may be slightly more traditional. The body of the light is made mainly from stainless steel. It is only where the LEDs are located that the bollard light has a white inset made from plastic. Slightly beneath the shade, the motion detector is embedded in the stainless steel frame and ensures that movements within a range of 2 - 6 m (adjustable) are picked up and the bollard light then begins to shine for a period of 5 s - 6 min, depending on the lighting duration that has been set. Thus, the light does not shine for an unnecessarily long time, but only when someone has approached it.

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