LED ceiling light Philips Hue Being, dimmer switch  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7531865 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Philips Hue LED ceiling light Being in trendy black with an innovative design A wide variety of lighting scenarios can be produced with this Philips Hue LED ceiling light, in order to give a room the perfect ambience. You can determine the luminous colour or the brightness of the LEDs as the mood takes you, allowing everyone to decide for themselves what kind of light they want. The built-in Zigbee standard allows the light to be integrated into an existing smart home system with the help of a Hue gateway (not included, but available via Accessories), which allows the light to easily be controlled by an app - even when you are on the move, as the light is in constant contact with the local WLAN router via the gateway. There is even a convenient solution for those who would simply like to control the light, as the included dimmer switch allows you to select and save a number of light settings, even without a...

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