LED ceiling light Philips Hue Phoenix  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7531608 Features LED technology Light bulbs included The Philips Hue Phoenix ceiling light has several white shades - from a cosy warm light to a cold daylight The Hue Phoenix ceiling light can be integrated as an extension into an existing Philips Hue Ecosystem and then controlled using the Hue Tap switch or the app on a tablet or smartphone. The integration in an existing Hue Ecosystem enables use of the IFTTT service that allows pairing of different data streams, so that the light can visually signal receipt of emails, weather changes, and much more. Thanks to the geofencing technology the lamps can be set to recognise, for example, your absence and presence. They can also be controlled based on predefined settings. The Philips Hue Phoenix ceiling light offers dimmable lighting in variable shades of white for any room. Four matching light types can be set: Relaxation, concentration, energy and reading. The shades of white are continuously dimmable and range from a...

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