LED outdoor wall lamp Noxlite Circular with sensor  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7261125 Features LED technology Light bulbs included LED outdoor wall light Noxlite Circular 20 W for wall and ceiling The Noxlite Circular 20 W LED outdoor wall light is an ideal light source for outdoors. It cuts a fine figure both as a ceiling and as a wall light. It is worth noting that the light shines both to the front and below and to the side of the light, thus creating a lovely interplay between light and shade. The warm white light is not just great for orientation purposes; it can also be used to enhance the look of external walls. Equipped with a day/night sensor, a motion detector, a robust spray-water-proof shell and a wide cone of light, it is the ideal choice for areas with lots of traffic – such as building entrances, driveways and garages. Particularly practical: It houses 44 high-power LEDs in a relatively small space: These LEDs convert electricity with great efficiency, resulting in far fewer losses than conventional bulbs. This is a sensible...

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