Lennik Motion Detector LED Pillar Lamp  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9619017 Features LED technology Light bulbs included The Lennik curved LED pillar lamp with motion detector for energy-saving illumination of outdoor areas. Instead of filament or halogen bulbs, light emitting diodes or the so-called LEDs are being chosen as the illuminants more frequently. Compared with standard illuminants, they can have a few benefits; the most noteworthy of these is their longevity and the energy saving potential. This pleases the wallet and the environment. Appearance-wise, the Lennik LED pillar lamp looks extremely modern and therefore, naturally it is also ideally suited to modern houses and surroundings. With its IP54 protection rating, it offers sufficient protection against the penetration of dust and water, so the lamp also promises long-lasting enjoyment from this aspect. The lighting current is at 470 Lumen. The integrated motion sensor represents a high degree of functionality and allows the pillar lamp to be switched on when it is...

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