Lorry Lift
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The Giant HS-20 Lorry Lift is the perfect scissor lifting system for unloading your van or truck directly from the loading area. By lowering or raising it by up to 2 meters it is possible to load and unload any vehicle weighing up to 40 tons. The height of the vehicle's loading area is only a minor factor here - any variable position works up to a lifting height of 2 meters. When the vehicle has been parked and opened up, a forklift truck, for example, may drive directly up to the loading area. Efficient, fast loading is the name of the game. This lift system is compliant with relevant European standards. Choose from a variety of options which allow you to adapt a scissor lifting system to your specific needs. Examples include lifting and lowering speed, indoor or outdoor use, the colour of the lift system and necessary safety technology. We are happy to provide information about deploying our Lorry Lifts. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Request

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