Metal leaf ceiling light Deno in silver with LEDs  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 6722355 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Made in Germany Flat LED ceiling light Deno – frame featuring silver metal leaf The search for a light source that is less dim and decorative, and more flat, bright, even and illuminating often leads to flat LED panels. These modern-looking panels are often very simple and focus more on function than design. These types of LED panels are very well-suited to offices or games rooms, but other rooms often demand a slightly more decorative look. The Deno LED ceiling light has been designed for just this reason: It combines both requirements facing a good light source – namely functionality and design. The large dispersing plexiglass panel, which serves as a diffuser for the light source behind, guarantees even lighting. The light is emitted by very high-quality, long-lasting LED strips, which are affixed to the edge of the box and emit homely warm white lighting at 2,700 K in very even fashion through the centre of the...

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