Modern LED uplighter Ragna, dimmable  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9620649 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Delivery by forwarding agency Ragna - LED uplighter with an integrated dimmer Ragna produces an incomparably beautiful light which only enters the room indirectly for the beholder. This means that the atmosphere is characterised by warmth and an inviting cosiness. At the highest brightness level, the luminosity of the LED uplighter is very good, although the energy consumption is moderate thanks to the LEDs. If you find that too bright - depending on the situation or in general - you will benefit from the light being equipped with a rotary dimmer, as this means that the brightness can be adjusted infinitely to suit your own requirements. The uplighter-shaped glass lampshade is not merely white, but has an alabaster look, with the result that fine wafts of mist appear to pervade the lampshade and give the light an even more inviting effect. In spite of the cosy lighting effect, the LED uplighter also stands for a...

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