Motion detector pillar lamp Belen  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9988097 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Special Offer Cylindrical Belen pillar lamp with motion detector and LEDs The Belen pillar lamp has a cylindrical shape giving it a very contemporary look. Furthermore, the body is made from clear acrylic with decorative air bubbles within. These bubbles not only look great; they also have a lovely effect on the lighting. The stainless steel body benefits from being rustproof. If you are looking for a functional light, you will be pleased to note that the Belen pillar lamp features a motion detector, which is built into the upper part of the stainless steel frame. This sensor can be used to automatically turn the outdoor light on when people approach. People simply need to be within the detection angle of 90° and within a range of two to six metres (adjustable). Belen will then illuminate for between five seconds and six minutes. You can choose the lighting duration to suit your own requirements.

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