Multifunctional fan Mabella with light  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 8532221 Features Light bulbs excluded Special Offer Fan and chandelier in a single device - Mabella convinces with its multi-functionality and classic design The principle is simple and ingenious alike: Why should a fan be immediately recognised as such if it can be stylishly packed with features? Metal with bronze finish and beige pleated shades, which looks like a classic chandelier at first glance. But Mabella can do more: inside the frame is a fan. This not only distributes the air evenly throughout the room, but also has an ioniser, which enriches the air with anions. According to the manufacturer's specifications, this brings the following advantages: - Removes smoke, mould and fungal spores from the air - Increases the oxygen content in the brain for improved attention, more energy and less fatigue - Supports the treatment of winter depression and attention disorders - Supports the defence against pathogens by minimising air pollution Lighting, air...

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