Nash Steam Jet Ejectors


Steam Ejectors & Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Engineered for optimum efficiency, Nash Hybrid Systems now offer a 15% reduction in steam consumption. This was achieved through extensive R&D efforts, resulting in innovative design improvements. Nash has designed and manufactured hybrid systems since 1979, and our hybrid systems are recognized worldwide for reliable performance and low greenhouse gas emissions. As the new standard for Nash hybrid designs, these systems maintain traditional benefits, while offering accelerated payback through increased energy savings, condensers designed per HTRI specifications and a faster response time through regional sourcing. Nash is the only company to manufacture both the pumps and ejectors that go into a hybrid system, and offers a complete system warranty. All Nash hybrid systems are backed by global aftermarket support, decades of engineering expertise, and a proven history of reliable, dependable installations. Existing all ejector systems can be upgraded to more efficient hybrid systems by replacing or modifying stages. Nash engineers can evaluate your specific systems and recommend a custom hybrid design that will optimize your energy savings. Through reduced operating costs, upgraded systems can offer a payback of 2 years or less. Nash hybrid systems are used in industries and applications where deep vacuum is required and system reliability is critical. In operations where efficiency is key, emissions are a concern, or if there is a scarcity of steam in the plant, Nash hybrid systems are the optimal solution for efficiency.

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