Nickel-coloured LED ceiling lamp Deno  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 6722345 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Made in Germany Deno – dimmable LED ceiling panel in a square design A timeless, modern LED ceiling panel that offers many technical benefits alongside its stylish appearance, and that won't look out of place anywhere in the home. Deno has been designed based on the classic LED panel lights that are often used for commercial purposes. Here the focus is on creating a light with a homely character, however, without taking anything away from the technical features. Thanks to its simple, square shape, Deno is ideal for installing as an ensemble in larger rooms to provide expansive lighting, as well as on its own in smaller rooms. Glare-free lighting was a key consideration during the design stages of this ceiling panel. The diffusing plexiglass panel, which sits behind the square cut-out in the aluminium panel, does a good job here. The LED light emitted is filtered by this plexiglass to create soft and even lighting for...

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