Novis camel Camelhair
Novis cashmere light - WK 2  - TRAUMINA GMBH


The origin of the camelhair is in the elevated plains of the Himalaya region. The camels are used to constant temperature fluctuation. Out of this climate the camelhair is excellently temperature adjusting. The constantly unseated hair of the animals is collected, graded and biologically washed. Only the finest selected undercoat is being processed. Bedcover: finest Batist weave 80% Micro-Modal 20% Egypt cotton, super combed, soft-touch, colour: champagne Bedfill: 100% selected camel, best dehaired Making_up: corner processing 90+, SL-stitching with double-edge-roll for TU2, soft-border-processing and special cellulose-support-fibers in TU 3+4

Product features

Size 135x200
Article number L38C01
Filling weight in gram 700
(Recommended) retail price 1 on request
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