Brazil Nuts: The power of nut-rition  - HORST WALBERG TROCKENFRUCHT IMPORT GMBH


Productinformation Harvesting of the Brazil Nut primarily takes place around november, all the way through march. A Brazil Nut is more than one nut: There can be as far as forty of them inside of a three kilo heavy capsule – which is around the size of a coconut. When these capsules fall off their trees in the amazon region, caution is advised: harvest workers can get badly hurt, if not taking precautions like wearing helmets. The Brazil Nut is a powerful nut on many levels – but primarily in its nutrition value and its powerful taste. Origin Growing areas include South America - Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. The tree of the para nut is native all over the whole amazon region. The trees are real giants of the rainforest: up to three meter in width and up to sixty meters in heighth. They even tower above the thick roof of the tropic rainforest. All atempts to cultivate the para nut tree elsewhere in the world have failed – so with the ongoing expoitation of the rainforest, the Brazil Nut actually is an endangered species of nuts.

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