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Productinformation Cashew nuts are harvested in India around the time of may and june. The “Kashu” tree derives from the same family of trees as mango- and pistachio-trees. They carry their first fruits approximately after three years - the tree’s maximum carrying capacity is reached after seven years. The cashew tree’s fruit consists of two parts: the cashew “apple” and the actual cashew “nut”, which grows right under the apple part. Cashew nuts are eaten raw in asian regions, but in the rest of the world there are known as a deliciously roasted nut-snack. The cashew apple itself also has a tasty purpose: in the indian market, juices and wine made out of the fruit are very common and popular. Origin India is the major exporting country – especially the national regions of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andrdhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Goa. Other countries of origins are Brazil, Mozambique, Kenya, Tansania, Vietnam and Sri Lanka – from America and Africa just over to Asia.

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