OPTIBAR DP 7060 C Differential pressure transmitter
Differential pressure transmitter  - KROHNE MESSTECHNIK GMBH


:: High accuracy and measurement stability under all process conditions :: Fast response time :: Modular converter platform for all applications The completely newly developed piezoresistive differential pressure measuring device provides not only the exact differential pressure under any operating conditions but also simultaneously measures the static pressure in the process line. The extremely compact measuring cell has a robust and precise response to temperature changes and with step response times of just 125 ms, it provides enough measurements for reliable and stable process control. Highlights :: High plant availability thanks to maximum overload and vacuum resistance in the ceramic measuring cell :: Process temperatures up to 150°C / 302°F without diaphragm seal :: Minimum measuring ranges with high measuring accuracy :: The wear-free measuring cell guarantees minimum service and maintenance costs :: Extremely quick step response times < 85 ms

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