Original LED table lamp BULO  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9030071X Features LED technology Made in Germany The table lamp BULO by Professor Oliver Niewiadomski embodies pure creativity Quality made in Germany. This table lamp, designed by Professor Oliver Niewiadomski, is eye-catching with its multi-layered light, where the deliberately set colour accents are particularly visible. The creative design is a special feature of the harmonic spherical shape. Through the use of advanced LED technology, this product is also very energy-efficient and long-lasting. The company TECNOLUMEN - Programme with heart The company TECNOLUMEN is based entirely on the Bauhaus-style: Their first product was the Wagenfeld table lamp in 1979. In addition to Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s models, TECNOLUMEN integrated even more design classics of Bauhaus in their program; from Marianne Brandt to the designs of other designers such as Walter Schnepel. Art Deco and De Stijl are also shaping the program of this manufacturer.

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