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Our goal is to turn design ideas into perfectly fitted garments. Using “Lectra” CAD software the patterns are made directly on the computer and may be printed, digitally stored, and e-mailed as well. We have experience with all types of clothes including men’s, women’s, junior, maternity, oversize, petite, children’s. UAB "Wearex" can offer: • Wide range of clothes pattern making, cutting, digitizing, corrections • Production patterns • Patterns from client sketch, list of features or garment • Hard copy or computer pattern (can be sent by email) available • Import and export of patterns according to the clients computer system Grading UAB "Wearex" offers grading for sizes, height and fullness in the same model, quickly and efficiently. We can grade using your specifications or assist you in establishing grade rules suitable for your target market. We have experience with all types of size ranges including men’s, women’s, junior, maternity, oversize, petite, children’s . Additionally every pattern graded can be printed as a nest. Once we have client approval on the nest the graded files can be released, ready for electronic dispatch anywhere in the world. Marker Making UAB "Wearex" offers marker making with extremely high efficiency in short time. This is a good choice which ensures the quality, competitiveness and profit! The software we use to create patterns is entirely compatible and integrated with marker making program. Electronic markers may be sent by email. Plotting UAB "Wearex" offers markers plotting. It can be printed on the different paper width and type.

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