Philips Hue Beyond pendant light  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7531598 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Modern Philips Hue Beyond pendant light for the home The Philips Hue Beyond pendant light has been designed to replace old lights in the house with a modern, intelligent pendant light. Its minimalist design, which looks very curved thanks to the use of plastic, sits well in its surroundings. The powerful system hidden within promises the utmost individuality. The Hue Beyond System from Philips makes linking modern LED technology and networking smart applications a reality. Unlike conventional lights, this one is controlled centrally by way of the Hue app. This app is compatible with all common operating systems and can be installed on a tablet or smartphone, for example. As a result, the pendant light, which is 45 cm high and has a diameter of 45 cm, becomes an effective design element within the room. It can be suspended up to 220 cm from the ceiling and contains four 4.5 W LED bulbs. These shine in a wide range of...

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