Item No.: 7531604 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Mobile Philips Hue Go for customised lighting The great functionality offered by the Philips Hue Go light is demonstrated in the name, which catapults the known features of the Hue System to a different level. This product makes it possible to bring the desired light to the place you want it. Without power cables or other inconveniences. The system is portable and thus offers wireless lighting that can be installed wherever it is required. Dynamic effects incorporating over 16 million colours are possible. You can create individual, atmospheric light effects based on the ambience you desire. The great adaptability of this lighting can be managed via a smart device, for example your smartphone or tablet. The only prerequisite is a Hue System with a Hue Bridge in the household. Once you have these, you can control the system via the Hue app. The app is not just for this product, but can be used to control up to 50 Hue...

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