Pillar Philips Hue LED spotlight w. dimmer switch  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7531881 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Dimmer switch included - Philips Hue LED spotlight Pillar with pivotable light head As the 2-bulb Philips Hue LED spotlight Pillar is delivered with a practical dimmer switch, it does not have to be integrated into a smart home system and can also be controlled using the switch. The switch acts in a similar way to a remote control and allows you to create your own light settings, as well as providing four pre-set light modes. This includes the adjustment of the colour temperature and the brightness of the light to your individual requirements. If the light is integrated into a Hue system, only one Hue bridge is required for this, which establishes the connection to the WLAN router. The bridge can be found in Accessories. As up to 50 Hue lights and 10 accessories (e.g. the dimmer switch) can be connected to one another with one bridge, all the light in the house (provided that all the lights in the house are...

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