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Pneumatically actuated brakes and clutches for industrial applications  - KENDRION (VILLINGEN) GMBH


The Airflex® product line is comprised of a complete range of clutches and brakes designed for industrial applications. First manufactured in 1938 by Thomas Fawick, Airflex® products are recognized around the world as the Original Fawick® Clutch. Today, Eaton‘s Airflex® product line provides solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from oil rigs to mining shovels to grinding mills to tugboats. Whether your application requires a standard product or a custom solution, the Eaton team is available to assist with all of your product needs. To learn more about how Airflex® products can meet your application requirements, get in contact with Kendrion Industrial Drive Systems.

Coupling, pneumatic
  • pneumatic brake
  • pneumatic clutch
  • pneumatically actuated brake

Product features

Torque up to 1,706,000 Nm
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