Pocillo Wall Light Paintable Plaster  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9613021 Features Light bulbs excluded The Pocillo plaster wall light is a real eye-catcher in the room with its unusual design It doesn't take long to understand what this admittedly unusual light is supposed to represent: a cup. And it is not a cup of coffee or tea, whose stimulating scent emanates upwards as warm steam, but this special cup is full of light. Obviously you can't drink light, but there is a great and very effective idea here as to how light can be connected with decorative aspects. The wall light is a beautiful light source in private houses where it is particularly good in kitchens or dining rooms. But it's not just here where the light looks good, no, Pocillo is also popular in restaurants, for example, if it is installed above a bar or simply on the wall in a cafe. Then, with nice, indirect lighting, you can just: Sit back, relax, pause, wait and ... drink tea! And if this isn't enough of a peculiarity for you, the plaster wall light can also be...

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