Positioning drive PSE 441
Compact positioning system with integrated stepping motor, gear and controller  - HALSTRUP-WALCHER GMBH


The PSE 441 positioning system is an intelligent, compact, complete solution for positioning auxiliary and positioning axes, and consists of a stepping motor, gear, power amplifier, control electronics, absolute measuring system and a serial RS 485 interface. The integrated electronic control feature frees up the machine control unit. No external motors, proximity switches or limit switches are required. The integrated absolute measuring system for 250 rotations eliminates the need for a time-consuming reference run, which in turn increases machine efficiency. The integrated jog keys can be used for manual positioning during assembly. The physical interface twith the drive is conform to EIA-485-A standard (RS 485). This enables the communicationwith or without a HIPERDRIVE Hub. The second connection also allows operators to use the control unit as the master and operate the positioning systems in daisy-chain mode, thereby reducing the wiring work involved.

  • actuators
  • motors
  • drives

Product features

Nominal torque / Nominal rated speed 1.5 Nm @ 40 rpm
Peak torque / rated speed 2.5 Nm @ 10 rpm
Output shaft 10 mm solid shaft
Data interface RS 485
Motor type Stepping motor

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