Practical LED panel Dalia, dimmable  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9620932 Features LED technology Light bulbs included New Oblong LED panel Dalia with good luminosity, dimmable LEDs and alterable luminous colour LED panels are generally visually simple, but score points in terms of their functionality. Dalia can also be described in this way, as the oblong panel with a silver frame can be installed in a variety of places and looks discreet. Although Dalia can, of course, be used in private homes, it is also suitable for commercial premises and offices. The light of the LEDs is very powerful and if you find it too bright, you can pick up the remote control and adjust the luminosity. The luminous colour can also be varied; it can be not only warm white, but also cool white or daylight white. This function can also be controlled using the remote control.

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