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We would be pleased to work together with you to develop completely new solutions for your product as well. Our decades of experience have made us the top specialists when it comes to implementing the most complex of design tasks. Our house archive includes a vast array of engravings and several thousands of tools from past projects to provide a potential point of departure for improving the details. Over the decades, we have also constantly expanded our skills and always brought these skills up to date with modern technologies. The contemplated mix of old world craftsmanship with high technology allows us to find the right solution even in the case of highly specific tasks. We would also like to help you form completely new ideas to further perfect your product. Design workflow Scanning Using our high-tech scanners we create the perfect digital images for you. This involves using the latest laser technology to capture all of the fine details. Separation The image data is divided into the separate colours and then stored accordingly. Digital proofs for quality control With high-quality plotters we provide true-colour proofs in any length and at a width of 1.2 meters. Production clearance for engraving Using on the proofs you approve the simulated result created by your printing cylinder. Sample engraving Using our technique for small-scale sample engravings we are able show you the finished structure on the final material.

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