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Customized by size, with or without magnetic strip  - DSU REFRIGERATOR DOOR SEALS

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DSU B.V. was founded in 1970 in The Netherlands as a specialist in made-to-measure refrigerator door seals for commercial refrigeration equipment. Today we are Europe’s leading producer of customized refrigerator door seals. We produce OEM compatible door seals for all main refrigerator, freezer and cold room manufacturer brands. We supply to refrigeration equipment manufacturers, catering equipment spare parts company's and commercial kitchen and refrigeration service companies. Always a fitting solution With an assortment of over 200 different profiles DSU is the producer with the widest assortment of made-to-measure refrigerator seals on the European market. Are you unable to find the profile you are searching for on our website or in our catalogue? Send us a photo of the profile cross section via email or WhatsApp. We are happy to help you find the right profile or a suitable alternative.

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  • fridge seal
  • fridge gasket
  • spare parts for cold rooms

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