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Under mounted refrigerated / freezer cabinets with 1 glass door  - BAMBAS FROST


We manufacture stainless steel commercial refrigerators.: - Bar counters - Commercial refrigerators - Cold rooms - Heated and cold displays - Refrigerated freezer displays - Refrigerated upright, under mounted - Stainless steel refrigerated cabinets - Salad bar displays - Stainless steel catering equipment the food service and catering industries, restaurants etc.

Refrigerated display units and windows
  • refrigerated cabinets
  • refrigeration cabinets
  • display windows and display cases

Product features

Stainless steel Exterior/Interior Insulation with ecological polyurethane 7 cm
H.A.C.C.P. rounded corners Double glasses
Plastic-coated grills Height adjustable Inox feet & wheels
Self-closing doors, terminal switch which blocks the ventilator when the door opens
Ecological Freon Air flow system for uniform distribution of cooling

Additional product literature

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