Romantica 4 Lamp Ceiling Lamp  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 4014342 Features Light bulbs included The ROMA ceiling lamp impresses with its antique touch The past has provided us with countless themes, that are still characterised by unusual fascination, even today. This lamp series combines its shades, all of which have antique traits, with a border consisting of nooks and crannies - a theme that was taken directly from the worlds of ancient Greece and Rome. As a result, the ROMA series lamps look extremely authentic, and even the frame was reproduced in a medieval looking blend of black and copper. As a combination of all these elements, the ROMA ceiling lamp is not just a feast for the eyes on its own, but one for everyone who is a fan of the past. In addition, this lamp series is convincing with its ability of illuminating living spaces in a very calming and atmosphere-filled manner.

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