Rust-coloured LED uplighter Ragna  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9620648 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Delivery by forwarding agency Dimmable LED uplighter Ragna in an attractive rusty look Uplighters have enjoyed great popularity as accent lighting for several decades. In the past they were used with traditional light bulbs only, whereas nowadays LEDs are often used. This also applies in the case of Ragna, which consists of a rust-coloured frame and a relatively broad uplighter bowl. With its rusty look, the LED uplighter is an attractive addition to all interior design styles with a country house look. The light is wonderfully cosy because it only escapes upwards and the light source is not directly visible. It floods the room with light in a manner of speaking. People who are looking for cosy room lighting - uplighters are almost always part of this - usually have no objection if the light is equipped with a dimmer, as this combines the indirect light with the possibility of determining the brightness themselves.

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