Rust-coloured uplighter Raiko with dimmer  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 4018080 Features Suitable for LED or energy saving lamps Light bulbs included Delivery by forwarding agency Dimmable LED uplighter Raiko with a rust optic In addition to the uplighter, a reading light has been integrated into the lamp. This gives you two practical light sources in one light. The LED uplighter with its upward glass disc provides the room with indirect lighting. When switched on, no direct light is emitted into the room. Instead, the lighting effect is indirect, which is considered to be very pleasant. But sometimes you miss direct, targeted light when deciding to purchase an uplighter. Not with the Raiko: not only is an additional reading light integrated into this light, it can also be installed at a customised height to direct the light better. Both light sources are powered by energy-efficient LED so there are no increased energy costs but definitely good lighting. The reading light and uplighter are equipped with practical dimmers for even more...

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