SMARTPAT COND 1200 Conductivity sensor
Conductivity sensor for water analysis  - KROHNE MESSTECHNIK GMBH


The conductivity sensors of the SMARTPAT COND 1200 series have a standardized robust design and a long lifespan. The conductive measurement principle is characterized by high sensitivity, especially at low conductivity values. For this reason, the COND 1200 sensors are perfect for low-contaminated, noncorrosive media such as pure water, steam and cooling water. Highlights :: Available with a large range of cell constants :: Conductive measurement with two stainless steel electrodes :: Suitable for connection to the MAC 100converter :: Integrated temperature sensor (Pt100) :: Standard design for all cell constants :: Long lifespan Industries :: Water industry :: Power plants :: Food industry :: Metal industry and mining :: Paper industry :: Chemicals industry Applications :: Quality control of steam and cooling water :: Monitoring of filters / ionic exchangers :: Quality control of ultrapure water, drinking water

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