SMARTPAT ORP 8150 Digital ORP sensor
Digital ORP sensor for the water and wastewater industry  - KROHNE MESSTECHNIK GMBH


:: 2-wire loop powered sensor with integrated transmitter technology :: Usable for aggressive media with offline calibration function :: Pure platinum electrode and open diaphragm for long service and reliable ORP measurement KROHNE is the only company who offers a real open standard without transmitter and a direct connection via standardised fieldbus from the sensor to the process control system. The SMARTPAT sensor stores all data and sends these as bidirectional digital signals with 4...20 mA / HART® 7 protocol to the control and asset management systems, handhelds, PC and other peripherals. The SMARTPAT ORP 8150 meets all requirements of the industrial and municipal wastewater industries for ORP measurement. :: Ex approved sensor version for operation in hazardous areas :: Open diaphragms - no contamination or blocking of the reference electrode :: With integrated Pt1000 and standard VP 2.0 connector

Water analysis equipment
  • Digital ORP sensor
  • process analysis sensor
  • ORP sensor

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