Screw impeller pump


Screw impeller pumpset with air-cooled Hatz diesel engine Standard Hatz controlbox Manual operation 0 - 1 Priming system: fully automatic with oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump Hot-dipped galvanised pump frame, casing and connection parts Doors and panel in galvanised sheet metal Sprayed in single RAL 5005 - company RAL is optional Protection bars around enclosure Forklift channels, stacking corners and lifting eye are standard The Kabarda horse is noted for its endurance and ease to adapt in difficult environments. They are often exposed to extreme conditions to work high in the mountains. They are solid, cleanly built, have a well-muscled neck and a short, solid, muscular back.

Product features

Suction / Discharge Size DN100
Max capacity 125 m³/h (35 l/s)
Max discharge head 25 m
Max suction lift 8,5 m
Solids free passage 60 mm
Fuel consumption 0.6 litres @ 1500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 160 litres
Max running time 265 hours
Dimensions (mm) 1167 x 1050 x 1300
Weight 860 kg

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