Self-clinching fasteners
PEM® - Self-clinching panel fasteners Type PF11  - KVT-FASTENING GMBH


PF11-M3-1 Self-clinching panel fasteners

Product features

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Thread d1 M3 M4 M5 M6
Min. sm 0.92
Hole-Ø in the sheet+0.08  0 5.56 7.92 9.53
Material Knob made of aluminium, retainer made of nickel-plated steel, screw and spring made of passivated st
Use For sheet hardnesses up to HRB 80.
Application Solid self-clinching quick-coupling panel fasteners, spring-loaded with a Phillips cross recess. Esp
Max. d 2 5.54
d 3 ±0.25 10.59
Max. a 0.92
g ±0.64 5.84
h ±0.64 1.52
t 1 nom. 7.87
t 2 nom. 11.43
Min. edge distance up to the hole centre 7.11
Tools Tooling Selector
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