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Plastic sheets are generally manufactured not only by the continuous extrusion process, for limited thickness semi-finished products, but also using the compression process for greater thicknesses. Mechanical characteristics of the sheets can also be different, depending on the process used. APLAST offers sheets produced using the extrusion compression process, enabling formats with much greater thicknesses to be manufactured. In addition, our cutting workshop can offer you cut sheets in sizes close to your finished dimensions. Principal advantages No minimum quantity. All our sheets are stabilized to eliminate residual internal stresses associated with molding. Improved dimensional stability over time. Perfect homogeneity in the material. Possibility of supplying sheets cut to your dimensions. Traceability of all steps in the manufacturing cycle. Standard dimensions Tolerances on lengths and widths: 0/+ 5 mm Tolerances on thicknesses: 0/+ 1 mm Sheets applications Our sheets are intended to be machined to produce finished parts. tabilization of our sheets enables us to maintain very tight tolerances for very demanding business sectors.

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