Shiny gold LED floor lamp Cara with touch dimmer  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 6722129 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Delivery by forwarding agency Versatile LED floor lamp Cara with integrated touch dimmer The times are long gone when the only purpose of a lamp was to give off light, without contributing to the design of a room in any way. Modern interior decorating has shifted the focus of room design onto light, because people have recognised how the right kind of lighting can change the appearance of a room in a fascinating way. The LED floor lamp Cara is a prime example of modern lighting craftsmanship. These days light is no longer just light. Light also means life, atmosphere, design, art and – depending on how it is used – it gives a room an individual character. Cara is a step away from the concept of rigid and non-transformable lighting towards an actively transformable light, and interprets lighting in a completely new way. The appearance of this floor lamp is actively transformable thanks to the three aluminium rings...

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