Silver-coloured, arc-shaped LED floor lamp Danua  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9620433 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Special Offer Minimalistic arc-shaped LED floor lamp Danua Not everyone wants a light to display itself for what it is at first glance. Modern designs come into play, where lights are also not necessarily made of the classical lampshade and frame, but rather consist of more unusual and puristical forms than what you might stereotypically imagine. The LED floor lamp Danua, whose lampshade and frame can hardly be differentiated from each other is a perfect example of this. Stable positioning on the ground is ensured by the crescent-shaped foot with a fairly narrow silhouette, which leads to the rest of the frame, which is very narrow, but has a clear bend at least from one-third the height. In a barely noticeable manner, the frame at the top passes into what might be called a lampshade in a very abstract sense. There are the warm white LEDs, which are able to produce a bright light at low power consumption. If you...

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