Thai Spicy Mix: Scrumptious hotness  - HORST WALBERG TROCKENFRUCHT IMPORT GMBH


Productinformation These light and crispy ricecrackers will captivate your senses through their blend of fiery spices and smooth lemongrass taste. The dried lemongrass not only serves as a counterpart for the spicy crispiness – it is what makes this thai mix so scrumptious and special. Broiled without any added fat, they could fit any low-calory diet sheet – but they sure can get you addicted to a special asian snack experience. Ingredients Rice, soy sauce made from soy, wheat and salt, sugar, starch, garlic, onion, leaves of kaffir lime, spices, dyes: E150c E160c E160b, kelp, glucose, mirin Origin Thailand, China

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