Soft Spun Small Recessed Lamp, R7s  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 3510193 Features Light bulbs included Premium Quality Decorative designer recessed light Soft Spun Small in the form of a table lamp Anyone wanting to categorise this recessed lamp will have difficulty deciding what this actually is. The fact that it is a recessed lamp is correct inasmuch as the Soft Spun Small is actually a piece that is installed in the wall. However one can hardly detect that this is so, as with the Soft Spun Small, the wall and the lamp merge with one another and can hardly be kept apart. Clearly it looks more like a classic table lamp with the cylindrical shade and the lamp base, which is unmistakably inferred in the presentation. However, there are also some irritating moments here, since what table lamps floats in the air, and looks like it is cut off in the middle? In this case, it almost feels appropriate to call this a wall lamp as the Soft Spun Small has many features indicating that this is the case. But what is it really/? In principle,...

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