Solar-powered house number light Inessa, sensor  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9619072 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Special Offer Modern LED house number light Inessa with a built-in motion detector Inessa is a very useful accessory for all homeowners as it combines house number lighting with a motion detector and energy-efficient LED lighting. Energy efficiency - this feature should please any home owner as it keeps the electricity costs for lighting low. And what if you don't have to pay anything at all? That's right, the LED house number light Inessa is equipped with a solar panel and is therefore is completely independent of the electricity supply as it produces its energy from solar power alone. The built-in motion detector, which is mounted onto the frame, is responsible for ensuring that the light only comes on when needed and that a bright light is produced at low power consumption. Actually, that is not entirely true as the homeowner has the following choice: The light can either turn on only when a movement is detected...

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