Stripping copper wire
Electric table stripping machine for finest enamelled copper wires  - ARNO FUCHS GMBH


Electric desktop stripping machine for copper magnet wire from Ø 0,04 up to Ø 0,3 mm. Put the wire top down between the rotating fibre - glass brushes. After pull out forward wire is stripped. Distance between brushes is adjustable with knurled screw.

Product features

Material Ø 0,04 - 0,3 mm
Stripping length infinitely
Netzanschluss 230/50 V/Hz or115/60 V/Hz
Input power 55 VA
length 150 mm
width 230 mm
height 170 mm
weight 4,0 kg
Stripping brushes Nr. 127 soft, Nr. 640 hard

Additional product literature

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