Table lamp Matea with a floral design  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9620757 Features Suitable for LED or energy saving lamps Light bulbs excluded New Beautiful like a flower in nature. Flowers stand for vibrancy and lightness, which is why they can be regarded as nature's decorations. Of course, you can bring the beauty of flowers onto your table with a bouquet of fresh flowers, but there are other ways of incorporating floral design elements into the interior design. Thus, for example, you can use a table lamp which imitates nature in that its shape and design are reminiscent of a flower. The table lamp Matea appears to be a very attractive example of this, as the enchanting, white glass lampshade has a rippling edge, as is so often the case in real flowers. The little accessory which comes out of the curved frame also looks like a little leaf. The switch is located on the power cable.

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