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Spraying machine for structured spray coatings and primer. Performance 15 kg/min StrukturMatic S122 is able to apply all structural spray coatings, solvent-based, solvent-free and water-based PU-dispersions used in the sports surfaces construction industry. The machine is robustly constructed, extremely agile and easy to manoeuvre. With its swivelling, articulated bracket for the long spray hose it has an impressive action radius. TurboSpray TS30 spraying pistol, with di erent material nozzles, is well-suited to handle thick, very compact and coarse-grained materials. Controllable pump pressure and adjustable air quantity reduce the spray vapour and produce a homogeneous spray finish at highest performance. Material throughput: 15 kg/min. All control elements are ergonomically positioned and easy to operate. Control valves, pressure control and pressure valve are also easily accessible. Details Turbo Spray TS30 The spraying pistol TurboSpray TS30 with its different material and air nozzles is well-suited to handle thick, very compact and coarse-grained materials. With high performance (approx. 15 kg/ min) and precise handling it produces a homogeneous spray finish. Choice between 3-cylinder diesel or electric drive Control and regulating valves for feed pump and mixer spindle

Product features

Main drive S122 E: electric motor 7.5 kW (10 HP) S122 D: diesel engine 12.1 kW (16.5 HP)
Spraying performance 15 kg/min.
Filling height 900 mm
Drive Hydraulic aggregate with tank, pump, control valve, main control block; pump and compressor driven b
Weight S122 E: 520 kg S122 D: 550 kg
Dimensions L 2.000 x W 1.000 x H 1.170 mm

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