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Fully automatic continuous mixer for binder and rubber granules; prepared for connection of additional material component (gravel unit or PU-unit) Powerful and compact M6004 is a highly effective and clean solution for the homogeneous mixing of rubber granulate with single-component binder (polyurethane). A gravel unit or a second PU pump can be optionally coupled to the basic machine. In conjunction with a modular construction system of various screw feeders, pipes and feeding adapters it is possible to get a wide variety of individual mixtures with precisely measured ratios for many different kinds of surfaces, e.g. recycled granulate base mats. EPDM granulate surfaces, sandwich-systems, PUR-coatings, structural spraying coatings, elastic subbases and others. Switch and control elements for the mixer and the auxiliary appliances are on one common control panel. Details Central control panel Basic mixer and gravel unit Portable metering pump for mixing polyurethane coatings

Product features

Drives Augers + pumps 3-phase current for granulate and grit drives; A.C. geared motor infinitely variable, electron. rpm
Mixer drive A.C. geared motor, constant rpm.
Mixing capacity Rubber/Binder max. 150 kg/min Rubber/Gravel/Binder max. 160 kg/min Binder/Polyol max. 35 kg/min Bind
Power Basic mixer: 12 kW / 400 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 26 A Gravel unit: 1,85 kW / 400 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 4,25 A 2n
Weight Basic mixer: 1.100 kg Gravel unit: 900 kg 2nd dosage pump: 350 kg
Dimensions Basic mixer: L 2.250 x W 1.000 x H 1.800 mm Gravel unit: L 2.250 x W 1.000 x H 1.800 mm 2nd dosage p

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