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Fully automatic paver for elastic layers, elastic subbases and athletic tracks. Working width up to 3.500 mm; area performance max. 950 m²/h. The largest fully automatic SMG paver is PlanoMatic P936. With an installation width of 3.500 mm the P936 achieves a theoretical performance of up to 950 m²/h with a working speed of c. 4.5 m/min. P936 is equipped with an automatic curve control for running tracks and a hydraulic controlled undercarriage. The operator seat can be fixed on the left or right, as required, and is adjustable to provide the most ergonomic position for the operator. In addition, P936 provides for smooth installation with the help of its optional levelling device (sensor/tactile unit). Manual work on seams therefore becomes almost superfluous. Paving thickness settings of 6 - 50 mm can be easily changed by pressing a button located on both sides of the control panel. As an additional option the paver can be featured with a suitable generator. The 140 mm-wide track chassis can be fitted for optimum traction on unbound subbases with special chains. Details Safety-/comfort seat Extra wide track chassis(140 mm) for use on all subbases

Product features

Traction drive 2 infi nitely variable A.C. gear motors / speed of forward movement c. 0.8 m/min. to 6 m/min.
Chain drive With standard chains 140 x 15 mm with special chains 153 x 50 mm (optional)
Power 6 kW / 3 ph. / 400 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 16 A
Screed bar Special profi le with overfl ow edge for thicknesses from 6 - 50 mm, grade setting 10°; electrically
Installation width up to 3.500 mm
Area performance up to 950 m²/h
Weight 1.100 kg (without optional accessories)
Dimensions L 1.950 x W 3.600 x H 700 mm

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