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Milling machine for synthetic sports surfaces. Removal depth max. 5 mm The renovation of sports surfaces through abrasion of the surface layer and subsequent re-coating is becoming ever more important as an alternative to a complete new installation. Reason being that it cuts down the cost to a great extent and saves considerable amount of materials. The original thickness and the technical characteristics of the rubber will remain the same. The RauMatic R251 is a milling machine for milling o the surface coating from elastic PU sports surfaces. The milling cylinder is approx. 350 mm wide and abrades the surface away with a speed of approx. 3.000 rpm. The machine's built-in suction system immediately extracts the abraded material away from the milling tool and simultaneously cools the work area. The material is immediately transferred into a filter unit. Cartridge filters separate the exhaust air from the abraded material. This is caught in a deposit container with a capacity of 500 litres and can then be discarded. The thickness of material to be abraded is regulated automatically in the millimetre range through a tactile unit. Thicknesses from 1 to 5 mm can be removed in one work operation. Depending on the quality of the substructure, the new surface layer can then be applied as required. The drive for the machine is provided by an extra powerful diesel engine, producing 70 kW (96 HP) of power. The steering and the feed drive are provided using hydraulics. Details Milling cylinder with hard metal discs Operator stand with control board Filter unit with deposit container

Product features

Drive Water-cooled 4-cylinder diesel engine 70 kW (96 HP)
Working width 300 - 350 mm
Area performance approx. 100 – 150 m²/h
Material removal (milling depth) 1 - 5 mm
Life of milling cylinder 5.000 - 7.000 m²
Weight 1.500 kg
Dimensions L 3.200 x W 1.300 x H 1.600 mm

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