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Grinding machine for synthetic sports surfaces. Removal depth max. 2 mm; working width 900 mm The RotoMatic R90 belongs to the second generation of the SMG grinders. It is generally used to grind up synthetic sports surfaces, especially structural coatings and prefabricated structural coverings of surfaces needing renovation. With a working width of 900 mm and the drive power output that increased by 15 HP, the area performance of up to 160 m²/h can be achieved. With the use of 16 ball bearing rollers, the grinding unit scans the surface to be ground. The working depth is precisely adjusted by 4 adjustment spindles. The operator's station offers clear view of the grinding surface and the ergonomically arranged controls. Electro hydraulically adjustable feed speed control guarantees optimum results. The direct steering feature provides exact directional movements and stability. An additional driver's seat can be added (left or right), in cases when the machine has to be operated for long periods of time. The three carbide grinding discs can be set and locked in three different positions. This allows the discs to wear uniformly and prolongs their working life. Details During work the grinding unit glides on the ground via four individually height-adjustable groups of ball bearings; the adjustment of which determines the thickness of removal Special arrangement of the grinding unit prevents abrasion Ergonomic design of all control elements for the steering of the machine

Product features

Drive petrol engine 26 kW (35 HP) Electro-hydraulic drive unit
Working width 900 mm
Area performance 160 m²/h, dependent of type of surface and grinding removal and ambient air temperature
Material removal (grinding depth) 1 - 2 mm in a single operation
Life of grinding tools 2.500 m²/h - 5.000 m²/h, dependent of type of surface and grinding removal
Weight 650 kg
Capacity of tank 30 litres
Dimensions L 1.700 x W 1.000 x H 1.000 mm

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