Transportation and Silent Rails (QUERAIL)
Rail Bicycle for Track Inspection and Emergency  - POUGET


USE : Circulation on Track for 2 persons and to transport Materials or Tools. Essential Equipment for any Track Works, and urgent interventions on tracks, and difficult access on tracks. ADVANTAGES : Lightweight (all aluminium) dismountable in 4 parts and transportable by 2 persons. Reference : VRP-2 - Ø 140 mm aluminium wheels electrically insulated - Wheels centers : 800 mm - Brake type "Dead-Man" driven by one of the Operating Agents, acting on one of the back wheels.. - LOAD CAPACITY on the Platform Trolley : 300 Kg - Speed Circulation = 10 to 20 Km/H - The Whole Device is dismountable in 4 parts. - The mounting and dismounting time by 2 Agents = about 3 minutes Weight = 2 aluminium Bicycle Frames : Unit Weight : 26 Kg Total Net Weight of mounted Assembly : 70 Kg The Inspection Rail-Bicycle can be supplied for all Track Gauges.

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